7.doc – Doclisboa @ Cinema Ideal

From June 25th on, Doclisboa returns to Cinema Ideal to show some of the best films from last year’s edition of the festival.

7.doc recovers part of the line-up originally thought for 6.doc.  So, along with the movies already announced – ‘A Story from Africa‘, ‘Sonhámos um País‘, ‘Un Film Dramatique‘, ‘143 Rue du Désert‘ and ‘Santikhiri Sonata‘, – we will also show ‘This Film is About Me‘, ‘中孚 61. La verdad interior‘ e ‘Sun Inside‘.

The films will be shown everyday, from June 25th to July 1st, always at 9:30 pm.


June 25th

A Story from Africa

Billy Woodberry

2019 • PORTUGAL • 33’

Following the 1885 Berlin Conference resolution on the partition of Africa, the Portuguese army uses a talented ensign to register the effective occupation of the territory conquered in 1907 to the Cuamato people, in the south of Angola. A Story from Africa enlivens this rarely seen photographic archive through the tragic tale of Calipalula, the Cuamato nobleman essential to the unfolding of events in this Portuguese pacification campaign.


Sonhámos Um País

Camilo de Sousa, Isabel Noronha


In the early 70s, Camilo de Sousa left Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, travelled Europe, joined the Frelimo guerrilla and became a filmmaker. Now living in Portugal, he returns to Mozambique to be reunited with two former comrades in arms. With Aleixo Caindi and Julião Papalo, he recalls ancient times, when the joy of liberation made way for dark times and the quest for a ‘new man’ destroyed a country’s dreams and illusions.


June 26th

Un film dramatique

Eric Baudelaire

2019 • FRANCE • 115’

What are we doing together? A recurring question for the students of the film group at Dora Maar middle school, and for Éric Baudelaire who worked with them over their four years starting in the 6th grade. Answering this political question – one that involves representations of power, social violence and identity – led them to seek a cinematic form that does justice to the uniqueness of each student, but also to the substance of their group.


June 27th

143 Rue du Désert

Hassen Ferhani

2019 • ALGERIA, FRANCE, QATAR • 104’

In the middle of the Algerian Sahara, a woman writes her story. She welcomes truckers, wandering beings and dreams for a cigarette, a coffee or eggs… Her name is Malika.


June 28th

Santikhiri Sonata

Winner of the City of Lisbon Award for best International Competition film

Thunska Pansittivorakul

2019 • THAILAND, GERMANY • 75’

This film was shot in an area called Santikhiri, which means “the Hill of Peace”. After General Prem’s government came to power in the 1980s, everything—drugs, communism, corruption, human trafficking, and stateless persons—was entirely suppressed to foster order and peace. “When I was a kid, the TV was filled with propaganda, instilling in people’s minds that the military government protected the country from different threats. The unwavering illusion and pride in the country’s status of never having been colonized have successfully shaped our blind nationalism.” (Thunska Pansittivorakul)


June 29th

This Film Is About Me

Alexis Delgado Búrdalo

2019 • SPAIN • 62’

Renata and Alexis are making a film together. She is a mesmerising and charismatic contributor, and happy to perform whenever Alexis comes to visit her in the penitentiary she calls home. However, Renata is less inclined to discuss the murder which brought her there. A haunting, creative portrait of regret.


June 30th

中孚 61. La verdad interior

Sofía Brito

2019 • ARGENTINA • 69’

中孚 61. La Verdad Interior reveals the creative process behind TELEMUNDO, a collaborative film directed by James Benning and starring himself and Sofía Brito. It is a journey, an interview. The connection between a film director with a great carrier and a young actress who decides to film the creative process that thrives between the two. A film-essay in which these two beings find ways of overcoming the language barriers.

July 1st


Um Filme de Verão

Special Mention Doclisboa’19

Jo Serfaty

2019 • BRAZIL • 96’

It is summertime. Karol, Junior, Ronaldo and Caio are in their last month of school at a public institution in Rio de Janeiro. When the holidays come, the temperature reaches 104ºF. Immersed in the tangled wires covering the slum’s sky and the sudden blackouts, these four youngsters are affected by the city crisis and reinvent themselves in the face of adversity.