Nebulae uses the Eventival Visitor Page as an interface to communicate with the guests. It is also through our Visitor Page that you can apply for an Accreditation.

You can check here Nebulae activities that will take place from October 22th to November 1st.

Nebulae accreditation does not provide access to Doclisboa screenings.

To access the Visitor Page, simply click on the link below. After creating your account, you can submit your request for Accreditation, until October 20th.

The purchase must be made through the Visitor’s Page (where you can pay using the Paypal service)
– Film professionals – 50 € (until 20th September) / 75€ (until 20th October)
– Portuguese film professionals or residents in Portugal – 30 € (until 20th September) / 45€ (until 20th October)
– Students – 20 € (until 20th September) / 30€ (until 20th October)