Cinema and Sustainability

NOV 8 / 5.00 pm, Culturgest – Forum Debates

In collaboration with Goethe Institut, Doclisboa presents a series of films addressing different relations between human beings and the ecosystems in which they live. That is the starting point for a debate on the issues of ecology and sustainability, questioning and discussing ideas for the future, artistic perspectives and courses of action.

Philipp Hartmann and Danilo Carvalho (film directors of VIRAR MAR / MEER WERDEN)
Davide Tisato (film director of CARBÓN)
Inês Ponte (film director of MAKING A LIVING IN THE DRY SEASON)
Carolina Dias (Sustainability Science Researcher)

Joana Sousa (Co-director and programmer of Doclisboa)
Teresa Althen (Film programmer of Goethe-Institut Portugal)

The talk will be held in Portuguese, with no translation
Free admittance

By the way


NOV 7 / 4.00 pm, Culturgest – Large Aud.

Davide Tisato • 2020 • Switzerland, France • 26’
International Premiere

Etienne de France • 2020 • France • 59’
International Premiere

NOV 8 / 3.00 pm, Culturgest – Large Aud.

Making a Living in the Dry Season
Inês Ponte • 2016 • Angola, United Kingdom, Portugal • 35’

virar mar / meer werden
Philipp Hartmann, Danilo Carvalho • 2020 • Brazil, Germany • 85’
International Premiere