COVID-19: A message from Doclisboa 

It is with great concern that we see the COVID-19 pandemic affecting everyone, causing irreparable damage to the lives of so many. In this context, the film industry is no exception and is being deeply affected. This crisis shows how precarious the working conditions are for those who make, produce and exhibit cinema. We stand in solidarity with all the films that saw their production interrupted, with all the festivals that saw their activity impossible.

On the 26th of March, we would have premiered ‘Long Night’, by Eloy Enciso, as a part of the 6.doc program, in partnership with Cinema Ideal. The premiere of this film, as well as any others from this program which have their exhibition prevented by the current situation, will be rescheduled as soon as possible. The sessions that would be presented in Há Filmes na Baixa!, our collaboration with the festival Porto/Post/Doc, will also be restored as soon as the context allows it.

Here, at Doclisboa, whose next edition is scheduled for October 22 to November 1, we are following the guidelines provided by the competent entities and working with the expectation that, by that time, we will again be at our usual places. We believe that a film festival is, above all, a place for meeting and sharing around cinema and films and, in defense of this idea, we continue to work daily for that this year is no exception.

Aware of how this situation has affected the work of countless film teams, we have changed the registration schedule, keeping submission fees ​​lower for a prolonged period throughout the month of April. The registration deadline for all categories is 30th June 2020. All the details can be found in our updated regulations. Entries must be made through the Film Festival Life platform.

We remind you that you can take advantage of lower fees through earlier registration, as long as the film itself is sent for our consideration before June 30th. The Portuguese films submitted under the Green Years category are able to send their films for consideration until July 31st. We look forward to your work with enthusiasm.

For now and until October, we will be evaluating all possibilities for cooperation to collectively face the challenges that this situation poses to us all, as individuals and organizations. We remain available to talk to anyone who wants to think with us and join efforts.

We hope to be together again soon. Until then, let’s find ways to take care of each other. 

The Doclisboa team