Doc Escolas

This year, we present 21 sessions for students from various grades between October and March, some of which followed by debates with the directors and programmers of the Festival. We bring to the screens the indigenous language of the Amazon following José Barahona’s journey in the upper part of Rio Negro. We enter the beat world of Bataclan 1950 and watch the life of a group of friends in Chelas. We look upon the concept of work from different perspectives and standpoints. We quickly move on to the issue of movements, portraying spies between Paris and Russia. In December, we host the last instants at the Aleixo housing project, presenting the spaces of intimacy. So many stories went untold, and so in the fourth moment of the Festival we interpret the photographic records of the Portuguese empire. In February, we illustrate archives of the time being with Glauber Rocha during passionate moments of the Brazilian political and cultural history. We bring the 18th edition of Doclisboa to an end with its sixth moment—where I’m coming from, where I’m going to—and summon up the memories of a young female painter and the Parisian life in the 1960s.