Doclisboa at Museu do Oriente

Museu do Oriente Program
2, 9, 16, 23 February 2020 | Auditorium | 5 pm | Free Entrance

In February, Doclisboa returns to Museu do Oriente with the program “Other Maps – Exiles and Displacements”. The films reflect on displacement and exile as permanent conditions, effecting humanity across different historic moments. Causes differ, but these movements all transform spaces, demarcate territories, and leave traces that change maps – leading to other, alternative, human stories.

The films will be presented in 4 sessions, with one screening for its Portuguese premiere. Each session will be presented by programmers of Doclisboa, followed by a conversation with the audience.

02 February

Memory Is Our Homeland 
Jonathan Kolodziej Durand
2016 • Canada • 90’
(Premiere in Portugal)

The lost story of nearly 2 million Polish refugees in Africa from 1942 to 1952 – a journey that brought a group of children through Siberia, Iran, India, and East Africa, to new lives in Montreal, Sheffield, and across the global Polish diaspora. Built around the stunning oral history of the filmmaker’s grandmother, Durand reveals an unknown chapter of history, while showing that the homeland of the exile may not be the country of their birth, but the journey taken to leave it.

09 February

Markus Imhoof
2018 • Switzerland, Germany • 92’
(Official Selection Doclisboa’18)

The ongoing refugee crisis is the biggest mass displacement of people since WW II. Imhoof takes us on a journey through the Italian warships of Operation Mare Nostrum, refugee camps in Southern Italy, and asylum hearings with Swiss authorities, all designed to turn back refugees at all levels. A crisis caused by economic imbalances turning the rich countries of the North into the Eldorado that so many of the less fortunate try to reach at all cost.

16 February

Wang Bing
2016 • Hong Kong, France • 147’
(Official Selection Doclisboa’16)

The Ta’ang, a Burmese ethnic minority, are caught between a civil war and the Chinese border. Since early 2015, heavy fights have forced thousands on an exodus across the border, into China. Ta’ang follows the daily life of these refugees.

23 February

Youssef Chebbi, Ismaël, Ala Eddine Slim
2012 • Tunisia • 119’
(Official Selection Doclisboa’12)

On a virgin territory in the wilderness, people arrive. Soon, a city is built out of nowhere. Being inhabited by several nationalities, its people speak different languages. This new Babylon, surrounded by trees and animals, is rapidly taking the form of a city at once ordinary and extraordinary.