Cinema of Urgency

Black Out

Adalmir José da Silva, Felipe Peres Calheiros, Francisco Mendes, Jocicleide Valdeci de Oliveira, Jocilene Valdeci de Oliveira, Martinho Mendes, Paulo Sano, Sérgio Santos
14 • Brazil • 2016’

The establishment of slavery marked the beginning of the quilombos in Brazil. When it became illegal to enslave, oppressing practices continued to exist and they’re still being reproduced against the quilombola and Black populations. Black Out addresses the social invisibility of quilombolas and the need for inclusive and specific public policies, which are widely discussed by the participants and directors. The film was made within the Conceição das Crioulas quilombo, located in the rural area of Salgueiro (State of Pernambuco).

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1 NOV / 18:00 / ’
Cinema of Urgency
Cinema São Jorge
Screened with
Breaking the silence, unveiling racism

Cinema of Urgency