Arché is Apordoc‘s laboratory of professional activities aiming directors, producers and other film professionals. Taking place in the scope of Doclisboa FIlm Festival and with the support of Ibermedia Programme, it intends to provide tools to new film projects, as well as moments of reflection and trainning thus fostering and assuring projects’ identity and quality.

Arché’s key aims are:
• To provide a space of deep reflexion on film projects and its different stages of production, contributing to its quality and thus its future career;
• To ensure that the work on the participating projects is free from immediate financial and logistical objectives, while directly focusing in the reflection on the creative process in terms of directing and production;
• To encourage the creation of collaborative networks between different projects and production structures, allowing the collaboration between independent structures, thus ensuring the identity of the participating projects;
• To provide a means of contact with international agents of high quality in an atmosphere of an in-depth work;
• The creation of a market model focused on projects and auteurs, approaching the production process mainly as an authorial project;
• To contribute to the integration of Portuguese authors and producers in international networks, granting access to the most important problematics, temathics and terminologies.

Arché is open to productions of Ibero-American countries and Italy and consists of three Workshops, a pitching session and one-to-one meetings, and joint meetings – masterclasses, presentations and debates – around professional questions, crucial to the development and visibility of a film today.

In partnership with Spanish film festival Márgenes and with the support of the Ibermedia Programme, since 2019 Arché presents a new project: RAW: Residencies Arché→Work. RAW is a six-week itinerant programme that includes the participation in Arché, a 4-week artistic residency in Lisbon and the participation in MRG//Work, Márgenes Film Festival’s creative development lab. RAW is aimed at two distinct groups: directors and producers with a project in development and young critics and film researchers.

Arché was born in 2015, with 2 workshops and 10 participating projects. Since then, Arché has grown both in number of participating projects and activities. It has expanded to the city of Porto, in partnership and in the scope of Porto/Post/Doc film festival and, since 2017, awards prizes to projects in different stages of development, awarded by a Jury.
Several films have already started their journey through the film festival circuit: This Film Is About Me, by Alexis Delgado and La Vida en Común, by Ezequiel Yanco, both in international competition at Visions du Réel 2019; Campo, by Tiago Hespanha, world premiered in international competition at the Cinéma du Réel 2019, or A Metamorfose dos Pássaros, by Catarina Vasconcelos, to be premiered in the section Eounters of Berlinale 2020.


Calls for projects are open from April 1st to June 1st.

More information:

Ana Pereira (Coordinator)