Berlinfever – Wolf Vostell

Berlinfieber – Wolf Vostell
Ulrike Ottinger
1973 • FRG • 12’
© Ulrike Ottinger

In 1973, Wolf Vostell, an artist associated with Fluxus, made a happening in which participants were required to perform a series of ritual, obsessive actions, such as “go to the trunk of your vehicle, there open and close the trunk 750 times and 375 times put a white plate in it and take it out 375 times.” Described by Ottinger as a documentation of what Vostell called “dé-coll/age-happening”, the film is an illustration of her creative method, a surrealist act, a separate work of art, and a strange object. She would later describe her method as “fragments of reality assembled in an unusual manner”.

21 Oct / 19:00 / 87’
Cinemateca – Sala M. F. Ribeiro
Ulrike Ottinger Retrospective