Eunice ou Carta a Uma Jovem Actriz

Eunice or a Letter to a Young Actress
Tiago Durão
2021 • Portugal • 47’
World Premiere
World Premiere

We revisit the life of Eunice Muñoz through the private memories of her house. We watch the intimate side of the actress, who does not play any part here but that of being who she is next to whom she loves. We watch her natural complicity with Lídia, how they bodies are 62 years apart but their spirits not even one. They open us the door to their intimacy and household rituals. Certain that theatre is more real than life, it was up to the two actresses to live a purer form of life, one that would overcome every likelihood of theatre, turning cinema into the most beautiful con in the world.

31 Oct / 15:30 / 67’
São Jorge – Sala M. Oliveira
Heart Beat