Laocoon & Sons

Laokoon & Söhne
Ulrike Ottinger
1972/3 • FRG • 48’
© Ulrike Ottinger

In an imagined land, populated only by women, Esmeralda del Rio embarks on a series of transformations, becoming a widow in the freezing tundra, an ice skater and even little gigolo Jimmy. This very first, rarely screened film of Ulrike Ottinger is itself an act of metamorphosis as she moves to cinema after working as an artist and photographer. The eccentric maelstrom of images, accompanied by playful and capricious voice-over, is a surrealist exercise, a ritual and an exquisite game as serious as only games can be. “Fairy tales are coming; fairy tales are here to stay.”

28 Oct / 19:00 / 84’
Cinemateca – Sala M. F. Ribeiro
Ulrike Ottinger Retrospective