Nazaré, Praia de Pescadores

José Leitão de Barros (uncredited)
1929 • Portugal • 15’
nazare doclisboa 4

“Seen as the first Portuguese docufiction, Nazaré, Praia de Pescadores is a staged short documentary film in which Leitão de Barros starts to manifest many of the aesthetic and stylistic traits of his subsequent work. On the heels of films such as Nanook of the North (1922), by Robert Flaherty, from which he may possibly have drawn a lesson on how to combine documentary and fiction in visual anthropology, Leitão de Barros illustrates the everyday life of fishermen families in the beach of Nazaré.” Cinemateca Portuguesa

This session takes place in the scope of the project FILMar, which is carried out by Cinemateca Portuguesa – Museu do Cinema, with the support of the Financial Mechanism EEA Grants. For the first time ever, pianist and composer Filipe Raposo will present an original score he wrote for the film Nazaré, Praia de Pescadores.

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