Nūhū Yãg Mū Yõg Hãm: Essa Terra é Nossa!

Nūhū Yãg Mū Yõg Hãm: This Land Is Our Land!
Isael Maxakali, Sueli Maxakali, Carolina Canguçu, Roberto Romero
2020 • Brazil • 71’
Portuguese Premiere
Portuguese Premiere
Heritage Award
Heritage Award

In the past, we used to hunt with our yãmĩyxop spirits. The whites came, cut down the trees, dried up the rivers and scared the animals away. But our yãmĩyxop are very strong and taught us the stories and chants from the ancient ones who walked around here.

21 Oct / 18:00 / 71’
Cinema Ideal
31 Oct / 14:15 / 71’
São Jorge – Sala 3
From the Earth to the Moon