Superbia – The Pride

Superbia – Der Stolz
Ulrike Ottinger
1986 • FRG • 17’
superbia the pride doclisboa 3
© Ulrike Ottinger

The opening part of the omnibus Seven Women, Seven Sins (other segments were made by Chantal Akerman, Valie Export and Bette Gordon, among others). As Laurence A. Rickels wrote in the book The Autobiography of Art Cinema, “Superbia, as an all-out allegorical tableau or float passing in front of a painted seascape and through an industrial setting, seemed a kind of essence of Ottinger’s fiction films”. The procession seen in the film is, among other things, a farewell to a certain period in Ottinger’s work, who from this point on would increasingly be an explorer of other worlds, cultures and universes.

28 Oct / 19:00 / 84’
Cinemateca – Sala M. F. Ribeiro
Ulrike Ottinger Retrospective