Under Snow

Unter Schnee
Ulrike Ottinger
2011 • Germany • 108’
under snow doclisboa 3
© Ulrike Ottinger

Ottinger’s exploration of Asia takes us to Echigo, a mysterious land covered with snow for the most part of the year. Suzuki Bokushi’s Hokuetsu seppu [Snow Country Tales], written in the mid 19th century, serves as a guide to film, in which the director combines documentary, fiction and ethnography. “Virtually all of my interests come together in Unter Schnee: Asian forms of theatre such as Kabuki, No or Bunraku, music, breath-taking landscapes, creative people who master their everyday lives under difficult conditions and gather for social and artistic activities” (Ulrike Ottinger).

23 Oct / 21:30 / 137’
Cinemateca – Sala M. F. Ribeiro
Ulrike Ottinger Retrospective