Arché Talk | Characters under questioning

Among the universe of films of the project O Personagem em Interrogação [The Character Under Interrogation], we talk with French-Chilean filmmaker and editor Valéria Sarmiento and Latin-America cinema scholar Victor Guimarães, who is also the editor of Cinética magazine, on Dialogues of the Exiled (1974), directed by Raúl Ruiz and edited by Sarmiento, to question the way the interview is used in this film, the transit between the several dialogues and from one language to the other, and the crossings between fiction and documentary.

Francisco Miguez
Film director and researcher. Has a bachelor’s degree in audio-visual from the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo. Directed the films Uma Invenção sem Futuro (2021) and Ronda (2019) and the dance videos Dobras (2018, with the São Paulo Dance Company) and Todos os Pontos da Curva (2019, with choreographer Bibi Dória), both of which screened in festivals in Europe, Latin America and the USA. Writes for Revista Cinética since 2018.
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