OCT 23 / 9.15 pm, Culturgest – Small Aud.

Last July, a fire broke at the Brazilian Cinematheque destroying part of its collection and of the building. This tragic event follows a government policy that directly jeopardises the heritage that may pluralise the history of Brazil. We invited Sergio Silva, a former programmer at the Brazilian Cinematheque to curate this session in which he brings us endangered images that cannot get lost.

OCT 21 / 9.15 pm, São Jorge 3
OCT 27 / 21.30 pm, Culturgest – Large Aud.

Sunny carries out interviews on a wide variety of subjects for sociological studies. We enter the homes of Tbilisi inhabitants with her, coming closer to a society openly talking about both its fears and its dreams and aspirations. In A Midsummer Night’s Road, the director wakes up in the middle of the night, steals her boyfriend’s camera and goes out to interview workers paving the road on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

OCT 23 / 9.30 pm, Culturgest – Large Aud.
OCT 25 / 10.30 am, Culturgest – Large Aud.

Sara is a women’s rights activist and the first female taxi driver in Afghanistan. We listen to her talk about the country she wants to change, foreseeing difficulties that have come true. Throughout the film, we watch her fight for the emancipation of other women, teaching them to drive. In Orchestra from the Land of Silence, an orchestra of young Afghan women prepares their first concert in Europe.

OCT 22 / 4.00 pm, Culturgest – Large Aud.
OCT 27 / 4.00 pm, Culturgest – Large Aud.

Bill Morrison follows the discovery of a Soviet film in a fisherman’s net. The film cans were on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, 20 miles off the Icelandic coast. The film reveals a lost time. In Sol de Campinas, we watch the gestures of a group of archaeologists in the State of Acre, Brazil. Between the field and the lab, they investigate the creation of the territory.

OCT 28 / 6.30 pm, São Jorge – M. Oliveira Cinema
OCT 31 / 21.45 pm, Culturgest – Small Aud.

Three films confronting the world and bringing with them other paths. An incursion into the Jamaica neighbourhood during the required isolation to prevent COVID-19 and the residents’ organisation to protect each other. Iranian activists claim Teheran’s public spaces with a mic in hand and a covered face to make utopia come true. The struggle of a group of environmental activists watching the place they inhabit in peril due to the construction of an airport.