Construir a Comunidade
OCT 23 / 6.45 pm, São Jorge 3

The sense of community is particularly strong in Cairo’s poor, working-class neighbourhoods, where toil is hard and perspectives are hazy. This first session echoes the Cairo of Atteyat al-Abnoudi’s first two films, which show the poetry in the gesture of the craftsmen and the artists, and the daily life of the inhabitants of the Rod el-Farag neighbourhood, filmed today by Reem Saleh still fighting for their dignity.

Resilience and Resistance
OCT 24 / 6.45 pm, São Jorge 3

In an authoritarian country strongly marked by social inequalities, struggle is a daily occurrence. By crossing the portrait of two women, one filmed by Atteyat al-Abnoudi in the rural Delta region in 1983, the other being Nada Riyadh herself who questions her future in a post-revolutionary Alexandria adrift, this session introduces the need to keep resisting and fighting the state of things.

Keep Your Head High and Look Forward
OCT 25 / 6.45 pm, São Jorge 3

Hope is in the future, and the future is in the youth. From the crossed views of Atteyat al-Abnoudi, Nabiha Lotfi and Nadine Salib, this session proposes three films that question both the youth as the symbolic core of the resistance and the pressure on the shoulders of mothers in a strong patriarchal society, still mainly based on the balance of the family.