abcDoc at Doclisboa has been consolidating itself year in year out, creating spaces to discuss and build a more critical and open society, featuring documentary film as the point of contact between the audience and the world surrounding them. One conceives of reality through new cinematic forms of perception, reflection and action, engaging cinema in a dialogue with its history so as to question its present moment.

More and more committed to promote education through cinema, abcDoc at Doclisboa offers activities for children, youths and seniors, with a primary focus on school children. The programme we put forward, comprising film screenings, debates and workshops, is meant to relate the audience to this cinema and the emerging issues in history and contemporaneity. The debates following the screenings make room for those worlds to communicate, with cinema acting as an intermediary. The workshops establish a space for reflexion, resorting to visual and technical activities with the participants on cinematic matters and filmmaking.

We believe that cinema plays a major role in getting the spectator in touch with other worlds and perspectives, and that it in this way contributes to build a more empathic society, a more critical and better informed citizenship, and a more tolerant and sustainable world.


Doc Escolas: Film Sessions For Schools

Confident that documentary film is a pedagogical tool and starting point to connect to other worlds, and believing such a contact eases the desire and the building of new possible…

Docs 4 Kids


The goal of the Docs 4 Kids workshops is to bring children and youths closer to documentary film, and to suggest…

Adult Training


In partnership with Os Filhos de Lumière and the National Plan for the Arts, the 21st edition of Doclisboa comprises a training workshop…

Special Session

Out of a desire to watch the films produced in the scope of the film workshops carried out by abcDoc and partners in a cinema, we open an important space…

Session for Seniors

The Session for Seniors exists to create a space where one looks at and tackles the interests of the senior community. Also based on watching films, and having programmers participating,…

Tickets and bookings

Bookings must be made before hand by completing a form available at, or writing to (in the case of Cinemateca Portuguesa) or (for all other venues). Carers do not pay.

Doc Escolas sessions

Cinema São Jorge and Culturgest: €1.50 per participant
Cinemateca Portuguesa: free

Docs 4 Kids school workshops

Aljube Museum and Goethe Institute: €1.50 per participant
Galveias Library: free

Docs 4 Kids weekend workshops

Aljube Museum and National Ethnology Museum: €5.00 per participant
Apordoc or Inatel Foundation members: €4.50
Bazar do Vídeo: free (up to 10 people)

School groups in other sessions
(with the exception of the opening and closing sessions)

Cinema São Jorge and Culturgest: €1.50 per participant
Cinemateca Portuguesa: €1.10 per participant
Minimum of 10 participants

Session for Seniors

Cinema São Jorge: €1.50 per participant

“Growing with Cinema” workshop

Several venues: free


Andreia Soveral, Isabel Coelho, +351 910 951 160