City of Lisbon Award for Best International Competition Film

10 000€

RTP International Competition Jury Award

3 500€


HBO Max Award for Best Portuguese Competition Film

6 000€

Portuguese Society of Authors Competition Jury Award

2 000€

Schools Award

ETIC Award for Best Portuguese Competition Filmsa

1 500€  (in technical services)


New Talent Award

TVCine Channels Award for Best First Feature-Length Film (over 60’)

3 500€ (includes the acquisition of the television rights for Portugal)

Eligible films

  • A Câmara | The Chamber (TL/EM)
  • Clandestina | Clandestine (CP/PC)
  • Em Ano de Safra | Time to Gather (CP/PC)
  • Esto | This (R/NV)
  • Fogo no Lodo | Fire in the Mud (CP/PC)
  • Magnificent Sky (CI/IC)
  • As Melusinas à Margem do Rio | The Melusinas at the Edge of the River (CP/PC)
  • Il Re Fanciullo | Portrait of the King as a Child (VA/GY)
  • la tierra los altares | earth altars (CI/IC)



Award for Best Short Film (up to 40’)

The winner will be pre-nominated for the Oscars® by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Best Documentary (Short Subject)

Eligible films


  • Antigona (R/NV)
  • Asémané Ghérmez Dar Shab | At Night, the Red Sky (R/NV)
  • Eizousyokan ABURIDASHI Assortment | ABURIDASHI Assortment: Video Letters written in invisible ink (CI/IC)
  • Entre Rios | Between Rivers (VA/GY)
  • Fasolákia (VA/GY)
  • Guarda Vieja 3458 timbre 3/6 (CP/PC)
  • Like the Glitch of a Ghost (CI/IC)
  • Para Norte | To the North (CP/PC)
  • Strata Incognita (TL/EM)
  • Terril (CI/IC)
  • This Night Has Opened My Eyes (CP/PC)
  • Tudo que vi era o Sol | All I Could See Was the Sun (CI/IC)
  • Wyraj | Vyrai (TL/EM)


Healthy Workplaces Film Award

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work Award for Best Feature-Length Film Dealing with Work

5 000€

Eligible films

  • Авитаминоз | Avitaminosis (VA/GY)
  • Cinéma Laika (TL/EM)
  • Drei Frauen | Three Women (DA)
  • En attendant les robots | Human, not Human (TL/EM)
  • État limite | On the Edge (TL/EM)
  • Fasolákia (VA/GY)
  • Hormigas Perplejas | Perplexed Ants (CI/IC)
  • The Liberated Broom, Listen to the Story I Was Told (TL/EM)
  • Todo lo cubre la sal | Salt Covers All (VA/GY)


Rights and Freedom Award

Legal Partners Portugal Award for Best Film Dealing with Human Rights

3 000€

Eligible films

  • Clandestina | Clandestine (CP/PC)
  • De Facto (R/NV)
  • Diário de um Crime | Diary of a Crime (VA/GY)
  • État limite | On The Edge (TL/EM)
  • La garde blanche | La Guardia Blanca (TL/EM)
  • Hormigas Perplejas | Perplexed Ants (CI/IC)
  • Joghd, Bagh va Marde Nevisandeh| An Owl, a Garden and the Writer (TL/EM)
  • El juicio | The Trial (TL/EM)
  • Motherland (TL/EM)
  • Tan inmunda y tan feliz | So Filthy and So happy (HB)
  • la tierra los altares | earth altars (CI/IC)


INATEL Foundation Award

Award for Best Film Dealing with Cultural and Traditional Practices as well as Intangible Cultural Heritage

1 500€

Eligible films

  • El Canto de los Años Nuevos | The Song of the Years to Come (VA/GY)
  • Em Ano de Safra | Time to Gather (CP/PC)
  • Fogo no Lodo | Fire in the Mud (CP/PC)
  • Monica in the South Seas (R/NV)
  • Nôs Dança (HB)
  • Le Sentier des Asphodèles | The Trail of the Asphodels (TL/EM)
  • Siete Jereles | Seven Jereles (HB)
  • Yvy Pyte – Coração da Terra | Yvy Pyte – Heart of the Earth (TL/EM)


Fernando Lopes Award

Midas Filmes and Doclisboa Award for Best Portuguese First Film
Premiere on 6.doc programme at Cinema Ideal

Eligible films

  • By Division and Differentiation (VA/GY)
  • Catequese | Catechism (VA/GY)
  • Em Ano de Safra | Time to Gather (CP/PC)
  • Entre Rios | Between Rivers (VA/GY)
  • As Melusinas à Margem do Rio | The Melusinas at the Edge of the River (CP/PC)


Audience Award

Público Newspaper Award for Best Portuguese Film

1 000€


Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts Award for Best Green Years Film

Participation in an analogue filmmaking course (black and white films and natural light) to be held at the University of the Arts Helsinki in the Spring of 2024


Pedro Fortes Award for Best Green Years Portuguese Film

Participation grant for Doc’s Kingdom – International Seminar on Documentary Film


Doclisboa Award

Doclisboa Award for Best Feature-Length Project in the Editing or First Cut Stage

5 000€


School of Arts Award,  Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Special Arché Jury Award for a Project in the Writing or Development Stage

2 000€


Selina Award

Award for Best Project in the Writing or Development Stage

15 to 30‐day artistic residency at Selina locations in Portugal through the Artist Nomad Passport