In its ninth edition, Arché brings film projects from 10 countries around the globe, including Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Spain, coming to Lisbon for an exchange of experiences with industry professionals and the mentoring and tutoring of seasoned filmmakers.

With the support of the Ibermedia programme, we continue to celebrate Ibero-American diversity. The RAW project, which aims at creating thinking in Iberian and Latin-American documentary, and which we share with Madrid’s Márgenes Festival, returns to Doclisboa, and there’s a new stage in this route: a creative plunge into Finca el Azahar (Trujillo), halfway between Lisbon and Madrid. We can but thank the support of Largo Residências and Hangar – Artistic Research Centre, hosting the artistic residencies in the scope of this programme, and we welcome a new partner space: Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation.

We acknowledge our partners that extend the reach of the films presented here—School of Arts, Universidade Católica do Porto and the Selina network—and Doclisboa, which joins Apordoc’s effort with a new award for best project in the editing or first cut stage.

Welcome to Arché 2023!

Ana Pereira, Marina Thomé
Arché Coordinators


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