Doclisboa launches online programme

The programme Archives of the Time Being, scheduled to take place at Culturgest and Cinema Ideal, would have begun on February 4th. However, following the announcement of the need for the renewal of restrictive measures to combat COVID-19, and in view of the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Portugal, it remains imperative that Doclisboa continues its work of promoting a careful look at, and debate around, cinema – even in confinement.

Thus, throughout February and early March, Doclisboa will present an online cycle of films and conversations, based on the programme of the festival’s 18th edition. This programme will be available in Portugal only.

From 18 to 24 February, we will present seven sessions based on the program “So Many Stories Left Untold”, in pursuit of the rescue of invisible moments from the past. From 25 February to 3 March, we will present seven sessions of the programme “Archives of the Time Being”, bringing films that register the present with great clarity, through that which has existed before, impelling us to look at our own time anew.

In addition to the seven sessions of each of these two programmes, which will be available to view at any time during their corresponding period, a daily debate will be held with the films’ directors. For each programme there will then be seven sessions to watch, over seven days, with a debate each day.

In these difficult and unprecedented times we want everyone to be safe, whilst remaining committed to reimagining the ways in which we can be close to each other. As soon as the context allows, Doclisboa will return to the cinema. But until then we will find new possibilities for action and encounter between the public, authors and films.