Cinema to fight racism

With the advent of democracy, it would be desirable for ‘race’ and colonial legacy not to remain as political markers that define the place of the political subject in our collective life. Unfortunately, these circumstances cast a shadow over social, political and economic relations and determine the democratic governance of our society.

A sort of rear mirror game sustains a strong umbilical connection between the former and the current political projects. Today’s political and social circumstances are still considerably rooted in the collective imaginary we inherited from the colonial process, given that it determines all power relations and the place of the racialised political subject in our democracy. Through the mirror of the present, we keep on peeking through the rear mirror of the past in search of roots and meanings for the current status of our democracy. This connection to the contemporary dynamics inherited from the historical processes of national identity building results in the emergence of the national political subject that tends to exclude the racialised subject from the national fabric.

With past and current cinematic perspectives, we dispute the old world, refuse its social project and suggest a new world. Because the rear mirror of the time that has passed and the mirror of the present that connects us to the past keep off the dystopia that survived the utopias of a world without racism.

The income from ticket sales regarding this session will be given to SOS Racismo