19th Doclisboa’s Award-Winning Film Sessions

31 Oct | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 3


Nūhū Yãg Mū Yõg Hãm: This Land is Our Land!, Isael Maxakali, Sueli Maxakali, Carolina Canguçu, Roberto Romero
2020 • Brazil • 71’
In the past, we used to hunt with our yãmĩyxop spirits. The whites came, cut down the trees, dried up the rivers and scared the animals away. But our yãmĩyxop are very strong and taught us the stories and chants from the ancient ones who walked around here.

INATEL Foundation Award for Best Film Dealing with Cultural and Traditional Practicesas well as Intangible Cultural Heritage


1.Nov | Cinema Ideal


Alcindo, Miguel Dores
2021 • Portugal • 75’
On June 10, 1995, to celebrate the Day of the Race and Sporting’s victory in the Portuguese football cup, a group of Portuguese ethno-nationalists went to the streets of Bairro Alto (Lisbon) to beat up Black people. The official outcome was 11 victims, one of which died.

Audience Award – Público Newspaper Award for Best Portuguese Film


Yoon, Pedro Figueiredo Neto, Ricardo Falcão
2021 • Portugal • 84’
Yoon follows the regular round trip taken by Senegalese carrier Mbaye Sow, on an old Peugeot 504, along the 4000 km that separate the two places he calls home, Portugal and Senegal. It’s a perilous and lonesome journey, filled with (mis)encounters and challenges.

Healthy Workplaces Film Award


2 Nov | Cinema Ideal


You Are Ceausescu to Me, de Sebastian Mihăilescu
2021 • Romania • 101’
Young people aged 15 to 22 are auditioning for the role of young Nicolae Ceausescu in the mid-1930s without any preconceived ideas. The result is a portrait of this young generation, a glimpse of Romania’s Communist leader’s legacy.

New Talent Award – TVCine Channels Award for Best First Feature-Length Film


Sounds of Weariness, de Taymour Boulos
2021 • Lebanon, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary • 13’
In the middle of one of his recurrent anxiety attacks, a Lebanese young man living in Brussels finds rest in a self-service laundry. He moves around the place with his microphone, driven by the obsession of understanding the origin of his discomfort.

Fernando Lopes Award – Midas Filmes and Doclisboa Award for Best Portuguese First Film

Half a Light-Year, Leonardo Mouramateus
2021 • Portugal, Brazil • 19’
A young man sits on a busy street in Lisbon to draw the people passing by. Not too distant, a couple talks about the origin of a wallet found months earlier. The light of one moment is reflected on the other.

Portuguese Authors Society Portuguese Competition Jury Award

Distopia, Tiago Afonso
2021 • Portugal • 62’
Over the course of thirteen years, from 2007 to 2020, the film follows the changes in the social fabric of the city of Porto. Demolitions, evictions and resettlements that affect the Roma community of Bacelo, the inhabitants of Bairro do Aleixo and the sellers at Feira da Vandoma.

Schools Award for Best Film of the Portuguese Competition


3 Nov | Cinema Ideal


The Safest Place in the World, Aline Lata e Helena Wolfenson
2021 • Brazil • 72’
The film is a portrait of Marlon, after being the victim of a great socio-environmental tragedy: his city was buried by the collapse of a dam. “The safest place in the world” is how he refers to his original place, today surrounded by cameras and security.

Canon International Competition Jury Award


Gargaú, de Bruno Ribeiro
2021 • Brazil • 20’
Bruno gest a ride with strangers.

Volvo Award for Best Short Film

918 Nights, Arantza Santesteban
2021 • Spain • 66’
In 2007, the director was arrested. After 918 nights locked up, she was let out and now re-examines the pictures and words she has kept. Memories of a desire to search for a political place from her vulnerable, imperfect and daring position.

City of Lisbon Award for Best International Competition Film