Arché Talk | Talk with Joseph Morder

A talk between Joseph Morder and Adrián García about how they met, the friendship uniting them and the series of interviews that form their next book. They’ll discuss the work of Joseph Morder, the more than 1200 films he directed up to now, the formats and cooperatives with which he worked over more than five decades and his strong connection to the Spanish-speaking world.

Adrián García Prado
He studied audio-visual communication at the King Juan Carlos University, worked for the film distributor Capricci Cine presenting events and curated at the Chantal film club. He translated texts on cinema for the Lumière magazine and created the YouTube channel movieswilltearusapart. After several short films, he directed his first feature, Actos de Primavera, in 2019. He’s pursuing a master’s degree in film archive at the Elías Querejeta Film School.
OCT 28 (fri) / 5.00 pm,
• The session will be held in Castilian, with no translation
• Free admission for accreditation holders