Arché Talk | Video-letters as a shared experience—between paying and meeting

Writing with images and sounds is a very powerful way of passing on ideas and leaving impressions on the world. In this talk, we’ll discuss values, forms and the genealogy of the video-letter. With Cecilia Traslaviña, an artist that participated in several correspondence projects; Bibiana Rojas, film director and a researcher on the subject whose platform ( is a repository of audiovisual correspondence; and Lourdes Monterrubio, an expert on the relations between literature and cinema and on the cinematic forms of writing of the self.

Bibiana Rojas
Visual artist, master in audio-visual creation from the Pontifical University of Bogota. Her work oscillates between animation, audio-visual essay, sound/music experimentation, research and teaching. Her projects with musicians, historians and scholars enabled her to deepen the relation between sound, text and image. She has an interest in cinematic correspondence, the representation of violence and music in its relation to visual.
OCT 29 (fri) / 5.00 pm,
• The session will be held in Castilian, with no translation
• Free admission for accreditation holders