A Year of Endless Days
Renata Lučić
Production: Tamara Babun – Wolfgang & Dolly LLC (Croatia)
Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible
Vanja Juranic
Production: Vanja Jambrovic, Tibor Keser – Restart (Croatia)
Being Related to John Malkovich
Luka Mavretić
Production: Paulina Križić – 4Film (Croatia), Chiara Toffolo – Tesla Production (Italy), Mario Adamson – Sisyfos Film (Sweden)
Anton Mezulić
Production: Oliver Sertić, Suzana Erbežnik – Restart (Croatia)
European Union Wolf
Jadran Boban
Production: Dana Budisavljević – Hulahop (Croatia)
Filip Mojzes
Production: Daria Blazevic – Kadromat, Matej Merlic – Castor Multimedia (Croatia)
My Brother’s Children
Milivoj Puhlovski
Production: Mirta Puhlovski – Metar60 (Croatia)Production: Mirta Puhlovski – Metar60 (Croatia)
People in My House
Tatjana Božić
Production: Magdalena Petrović, Wout Conijn, Jacob Gesink – LEWA productions, Conijn Film, Spacedust productions (Croatia, Netherlands)
Underground Top Charts
Lidija Špegar
Production: Nenad Puhovski, Factum (Croatia)
Selection of previous Invited Countries projects
Bitter Sugar
Ana Barjadze
Production: Irina Gelashvili (Georgia)
* Georgia, Invited Country 2020
Hood Riders
Florian Baron
Production: Dimitri Hempel – EASYdoesit gmbH (Germany, USA)
* Germany, Invited Country 2019

Full dossier available HERE

Awards *

DAE Talent Encouragement Award
Free memberships for one year for the director(s) and producer(s) and a tailor-made consultancy session with DAE senior consultants.

The Documentary Association of Europe is a recently-founded network and organisation for professionals working in the independent non-fiction filmmaking sector that works to fulfil three core mandates: forming an ever-growing network of professional people who regularly share information and collaborate together; curating and collating the most up-to-date information and special deals for our members; and lobbying and advocating for the very best conditions for education, financing and distribution of documentary films.

Pitch the Doc Award
Special mention to one of the selected projects of the Invited Country
Expert Consultancy (the value of the award is up to 500,00€ and the advantage of it should be taken during the following 6 months after the announcement)

Pitch the Doc is a digital platform for projects in development. It promotes the international recognition of curated documentary film projects at any stage of production and from any country. The platform provides presentation functionalities based on international pitching standards. In addition to a range of useful features for industry professionals it allows to keep production packages updated and always ready to access by decision makers from around the world. It’s a valuable tool for creating new contacts and for maintaining relations established during pitching or co-production meetings and markets.


* Only Croatian productions and co-productions are eligible