Platform of Cinema Statement

We are here representing the Platform of Cinema: a platform that brings together filmmakers, producers, festivals, film agencies, technicians and unions, for the safeguard of independent Cinema in Portugal and the necessary policies that guarantee its vitality.

Portuguese Cinema is partially funded by taxes paid by cable tv providers working with subscriptions. This was established in 2012 in the Law of Cinema, where it was also established that they would pay 2€ per subscriber per year to ICA – the National Film and Audiovisual Institute. 

Although we have been told, over the years, that this tax could never be increased, our Government has now doubled this tax, but not to increase the funding of the Institute – which, for years, has been struggling with lack of sufficient funds for a realistic investment in our national cinema. The Government has proposed a 4€ tax per subscriber, redirecting 50% of it to RTP – the Portuguese Public Television.

The Portuguese Government, avoiding a real commitment to our National Television through an increase of funding by the National Budget, has decided to weaken even more the only financial structure that guarantees real independence for our Cinema. 

We stand against that.

We understand and support the need to better finance our Public Television, but it cannot be at the expense of the investment in the National Film Institute, endangering its independence and sustainability.

We demand that the Portuguese Government respects the Law of Cinema and, most of all, our community and the Portuguese Film Institute, by respecting the nature and objective of these taxes. 


The Platform of Cinema

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