Round Table

Workers Filming Workers

We gather filmmakers and producers from different European countries who worked in the making of some of the films competing for the 2021 edition of the Healthy Workplaces Film Award. This will be a time to exchange practices and understand how different cultural and labour policies across Europe affect the ways films are made and the lives of those making them.

In partnership with European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Joana Ferreira, Producer – Yoon (Portugal)
Patricia Franquesa, Director – Oh, Dear Sara (Spain)
Philipp Hartmann, Director – From the 84 Days (Germany)
Sabina Krešić, Producer – Factory to the Workers (Croatia)

Joana Ferreira
She has a vast experience in film production, including several international co-productions. As a production manager, she worked with many renowned filmmakers such as Manoel de Oliveira, João César Monteiro, Paulo Rocha, Raoul Ruiz and Marco Martins. In 2005, she became an associate producer at C.R.I.M. where she is responsible for the financing, development, production and distribution of documentary and fiction feature films.
Patricia Franquesa
Patricia Franquesa started her career in Tel Aviv working with the Heymann Brothers Films and Hilla Medalia. After four years of learning, she decides to go back to her hometown Barcelona and co-founds Gadea Films, co-producing La Mami, by Laura Herrero Garvin, with Mexico. Patricia’s debut film as a director is Oh Dear Sara, a co-production with Serbia and Norway. She is currently producing her second documentary feature, Ole mi coño, with Mireia Graell.
Philipp Hartmann
Born in 1972 in Karlsruhe, Germany, works as a filmmaker since 2000. Before studying film at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts, he obtained a master’s degree in Latin American sciences and a Ph.D. in environmental economics in Cologne and Brazil. His made several short and feature-length films (of which virar mar / meer werden and Time Goes By Like a Roaring Lion stand out), as well as commissioned films, especially for museums and artists.
Sabina Krešić
Producer and chef executive officer of the Croatian company Fade In. Economist with more than 15 years of experience in the production of cultural projects.
Miguel Ribeiro
co-director of Doclisboa
OCT 22 (fri) / from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm,
Culturgest – Forum Debates
The session will be held in English, with no translation
Free admission