Archives of the Time Being

Following programme to be presented soon in theaters.

7 MAY / 19:00 / Culturgest / 113’

Enterrado na Loucura – Punk em Portugal 78-88 – A Segunda Vaga is a mind-blowing journey through the punk movement, which stayed alive in spite of being so often declared dead. The film gathers testimonies from the main punk characters in Portugal. In the end, all the energy of a performance by Mata-Ratos at the Academy of Linda-a-Velha.

9 MAY / 19:00 / Culturgest / 69’

Four films questioning the way in which we perceive reality. Terraformar opens up on the changes between matter, anthropic and cosmic. Phenomena enable us to explore urban landscapes in Praga Regada. Body and Nature blend in Semear, Ouvir, Fluir. Lembra-me da Vida Ali emerges from meetings with film directors Catarina Mourão, Susana de Sousa Dias and Catarina Alves Costa to seek the reality rebuild by cinema and the issues on life captured by a camera.